1. The heritage buildings which we allow visitors to enter require you to remove footwear. Please wear appropriate footwear (like slip-ons) for ease of removal.

2. You are expected to present yourself at the reception 10 minutes before the tour starts. If you do come late, you will end up joining the ongoing tour midway.

3. During a Guided Tour, please follow the tour guide/s at all times and do not separate yourself from the group.

4. Due to security/other reasons, we request you to handover your hand baggage at the safe deposit provided at the reception.

5. You are required to keep your mobile phones on SILENT MODE during the duration of the tour.

6. Please do not touch any of the artifacts, paintings, structural material, etc.  

7. Overstaying in the village for any reason is not allowed.

8. Smoking, drinking or eating is strictly prohibited within the Village.

9. Please respect the time and interest of others in the group and make sure that they are not inconvenienced.

10. Entry Passes once purchased are valid only for the relevant tour and cannot be re-scheduled to any other tour.

11. Amount will not be refunded under any circumstances.

12. The Trust reserves the right to keep the museum closed for public viewing by giving prior information on our website and facebook page.

13. Disputes with customers if any are subject to Udupi jurisdiction. 


Hasta Shilpa Trust encourages viewing the heritage structures at Heritage Village and Heritage House, and content within, with the naked eye, rather than through the lens of a camera. In our view, experiencing them directly is the best way to enjoy them!

However, as an acknowledgement that some visitors genuinely want to have a few photographs of their visit for sentimental reasons or for sharing on social media, photography is permitted at the Hasta Shilpa Heritage House and Hasta Shilpa Heritage Village under the following conditions and payments:

1. Photography is permitted only if you agree to the following conditions. Visitors are requested to follow this strictly.

2. Photos taken are meant  for your personal use only. Commercialisation, such as selling the images is illegal and the Hasta Shilpa Trust reserves all the rights to take legal actions against the violator of this policy.

3. Camera charges are of Rs. 250 for basic featured cameras. Hi Fi cameras with zoom lens, special filters etc. are not allowed. Handy cams are not allowed. However the mobile photography and small digital cameras are free  of cost and should be used without using flash.

4. Use of tripod and selfie sticks and any other accessories are prohibited.

5. Visitors will not disturb the tour guide and/or others in the group in the process of taking photographs.

If there are complaints by other members of the group due to disruptions in the tour caused by such visitors, then permission to photograph will be revoked by Hasta Shilpa Trust, or its representatives on site, and there will be no refund of money.

6. Hasta Shilpa Trust reserves the right to revoke permission to photography without giving any reason, or notice but with a view to protect the heritage structures and the content within. 


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