Terms and Conditions:

1. The bookings are valid from 7th October 2021 onwards ONLY.
2. No Entry Fee for children below 10 years [ Valid photo ID is mandatory]
3. Concession Passes are only for children above 10 years & below 14 years and students 
4. Valid Photo ID is mandatory for concessional passes for students and children above 10 years.
5. No cancellations, No refunds or postponement  for unattended tours by the visitors. 
   [Postponement or prepone left to the discretion of the management of Hasta Shilpa Trust] 
6. Please cross check the details entered before you book the passes.
7. Valid email ID is required in order to get your digital e-Pass.
8. e-Pass is not refundable once the booking is successfully completed.

All Rights reserved with Hasta Shilpa Trust, Manipal.

1. Please click photos only after buying entry passes.
2. Respect children and senior citizens at all times. They deserve it.
3. Proceed without footwear if you want to sit on the juglee.
4. Please don’t wear footwear while getting inside the structures.
5. Carrying eatables or any soft drinks is strictly not allowed.
6. Smoking / consumption of alcohol or any banned substances during tours or anywhere inside the complex is strictly prohibited.
7. Pets are strictly not allowed inside during the tours.
8. Crossing barricades and touching anything is strictly not allowed.
9. Backpacks, large sized bags are not allowed inside.
10. The luggage/bags/backpacks can be left on the inner jugli of the entrance.
11. Any belongings including luggage are at the owner’s risk.
12. Laptops or cameras can be handed over at the counter for safety.
13. Photography policy is in place. Please read it before you click.
14. We request you to respect the sanctity of this place.
15. Please be respectful with our staff and your fellow visitors.
16. Your children are your responsibility.
Visitors found not adhering to any of the above instructions shall be denied taking tours further and there will be no refunds.

Continuing with booking of your e-Pass/Entry Pass confirms that you have agreed the above conditions...


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